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Artificial insemination of livestock is a common practice in Kenya especially for breeding dairy cattle. The impact of AI is much deeper than simply another way to impregnate. Other farm animals like sheep, horses, pigs, dogs, poultry and honeybees can be bred using this method as it provides an economical means for livestock breeders to improve their herds using

CT35/80 Liquid Nitrogen Semen Tank

It holds a whopping liters of liquid nitrogen and storage for 3624 bulk .5ml straws of semen. * Your actual holding time will be up to 1/3 less depending on amount of product stored, room temperature, sunlight, drafts, how often the container is opened, nature of container use, atmospheric conditions, and manufacturing tolerances.

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Liquid fertilizer storage (liquid nitrogen) Tanks. View All; Water storage and recovery; Water transport; Phytosanitary product storage; Breeding. View All; Poultry farming; Cattle farming; Equine farming; Sheep - Goat farming; Pig farming; Modular shelter; Protection on the ground; Food materials;

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Big shepherd is the standardization of livestock and poultry farming equipment manufacturing, sales, installation after-sales service in one modernization import export production enterprise. Dalian KingWay Trading is a trading company focusing on supplying farm use product such as Liquid Nitrogen Containers for Frozen Semen, Cryogenic Tank

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Ungrouped from Xinxiang Yuxin Aviation Cryogenic Container , . Search High Quality Ungrouped Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on .

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Find and request a quote for cryogenic equipment from companies that specialise in the field of: cryogenic equipment Poultry farming - machinery and equipment | Troughs and feeders Liquid helium liquid Nitrogen Storage cryogenic tank Refrigerant gases we supply all gases and equipment from the best international

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May 17, 2016 Its estimated that the average farm semen tank contains semen from two Tanks with six- to eight-months liquid nitrogen holding times are available. a specific method for diluting, cooling, packaging, and freezing semen in straws. after the semen is properly thawed and the inseminating equipment is

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170 products High quality veterinary equipment AI gun for poultry farm instrument chicken artificial Top quality poultry semen gun artificial insemination equipment for chicken .. Poultry artificial insemination equipment with liquid nitrogen container YDS-10 Liquid nitrogen storage tank use in poultry equipment.

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478 products 30L small capacity liquid nitrogen semen storage container price/dewar tank . capacity liquid nitrogen semen tanks for sale cattle farm equipment

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Equipment. Storage containers. Different types of LN2 containers are available to fit all your needs. Goblets are used for the storage with visotubes containing semen straws in a liquid nitrog . Gloves for handling items in liquid nitrogen . Equine, Swine, Rabbit, Ovine / Caprine, Canine, Aquaculture, Poultry, Biodiversity.

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Cryogenic storage containers for semen and embryos come in a number of designs. The most popular are liquid nitrogen storage tanks, vapor shippers, and . caprine artificial insemination equipment, liquid nitrogen tanks, and supplies as

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species of poultry, including semen extension, liquid storage and sperm . and Technological Institute of Poultry Farming at Zagorsk3 in the Moscow Region .. The following methods, each with associated equipment, have been developed . temperature of liquid nitrogen at -196°C to a bath or container at temperatures

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We are an authorized distributor of CT Cryogenics Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks and Dry Shippers for storing and shipping your frozen semen. These tanks

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AI Equipment Supplies Used Tanks AI School DVD Tank Safety Archives. Liquid Nitrogen Tanks. Liquid Nitrogen Container and Semen Tank Safety Instructions used in manufacturing plants, medical facilities, restaurants and on farms and the safe handling of liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

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We have capacity in our office to store over 50,000 straws of semen or embryos. These storage containers are recharged weekly with nitrogen to insure the best contract option should we also be bringing nitrogen to your farm containers. plus a $10 fee for packing and a $15 fee for liquid nitrogen and the wear and

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Storage cattle sheep pig cow semen container price liquid nitrogen tanks factory. Romagnola cattle Gado Leiteiro, Buffalo Bulls, Happy Animals, Farm Animals


Xinxiang Panshi Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional liquid nitrogen tank manufacturer with RD, p