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MOS Techno Engineers have a reputed name as medical oxygen plants manufacturer, medical oxygen plants fabricated with distinguished industrial standards. Home (current) About Us; Products . CO Oxygen Gas Plant; Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Storage Tank.

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Liquid Oxygen Tank. Vacuum insulated cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Tank fabricated with the double-walled cylindrical tank. The space between the inner and outer vessel made with an insulating body to safeguard it from the enclosing heat. Space is vacated to a high vacuum in order to assure the least evaporation.

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Gaseous Oxygen is authorized for shipment in cylinders, tank, and car and tube trailers. Liquid Oxygen is shipped as a cryogenic fluid in insulated cylinders, insulated tank trucks and insulated

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The cryogenic tank consists of two tanks Outer Inner Tank. The inner tank is made out of stainless steel 304L (X5 CrNi 18-10) design code EN13458, While the outer one is made of CARBON STEEL design code EN13458. The gap between tanks is filled with Perlite aggregation and super insulation by vacuum technology.


? Oxygen cylinder storage should be separated from vacuum and medical air compressor plant to avoid possible oil contamination. ? Appropriate undercover storage facilities for cylinders should be provided to ensure that the cylinders are maintained in a safe, secure and clean condition. Capacity requirements

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VIE tanks are located outside hospital buildings and BOC tankers regularly deliver to top up the tanks, generally without the need to ring and place an order. Oxygen is drawn off as needed, passed through a vaporiser and turned into a gas before it is piped to individual wards.

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Heavy-duty, insulated containers feature 2 thick polyurethane foam insulation. Use them for hauling fish, shipping seafood or as a holding tank.

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Vacuum-insulated pressure vessels for storage of liquid oxygen.

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Linde Engineering has supplied more than 20000 cryogenic tanks for liquefied gases Each tank is vacuum-insulated and can be delivered as a vertical or

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The CH Series horizontal cryogenic storage tanks/vessels is intended for low pressure transport and storage of liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon. larger volume cryo tanks; CFCL vacuum insulated hose; CFUL uninsulated stainless steel hose Casters are standard so the tank is easy to move in the lab or plant. A unique

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Liquid Storage Tanks- Liquid Oxygen Tank, Liquid Nitrogen Tank, Cryogenic Storage insulation cryogenic tanks are used to supply liquefied oxygen, nitrogen,

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A vacuum insulated evaporator (VIE) is a form of pressure vessel that allows the bulk storage of cryogenic liquids including oxygen, nitrogen and argon for

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The MTU tanks are designed to transport and store liquid nitrogen, oxygen, or argon at a The insulation space between the pressure vessel and the vacuum jacket is filled with .. NOTE: New tanks are factory pressurized with nitrogen gas .

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We offer Portable Liquid Oxygen Tank and Liquid Nitrogen tank and Cryogenic liquid Vacuum insulated Liquid Storage Tank has the following features:.

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Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank composed of double-layered cylindrical vessels inner and outer vessel cylindrical filled with the insulated body,

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Cryogenic Storage Tanks -Leading a Manufactures And Exports Vacuum powder insulation cryogenic tanks are used to store liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon


Xinxiang Panshi Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional liquid nitrogen tank manufacturer with RD, p