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Bological Liquid Nitrogen Storage Containers: The prouducts are widely used for storing sperm,embryo storage,human organ And various vaccine storage,this kind of containers has many advantages,such as long-time storage,nature,low cost and long-distance transport.

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With liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant, save transport animal semen, vaccines, cryogenic assembly toxic species of bacteria and other biological samples, 3L LIQUID NITROGEN Container LN2 Tank Dewar Storage Specimens Cryogenic UPDATED - $.

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CE Certified Liquid Nitrogen Container/Tank, Storage Or Transport P roduct presentation About product We adopt highly vacuumed multi-circle insulation technology to produce the biological liquid nitrogen containers ,which have good performance of low temperature insulation ,and evaporation can be let down to ,the containers can be widely used of


WHAT IS A SEMEN TANK? A semen tank is a storage unit which uses liquid nitrogen to keep livestock semen frozen at temperatures of -320° F. The semen tank is built on the same principle as the thermos canister with double-walled construction and an evacuated space between the inner and outer walls. Sir John Dewar discovered that a properly insulated

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Canisters, Frames Dividers for Liquid Nitrogen Freezers We have a full line of liquid nitrogen canisters, frames and dividers designed to provide safe, convenient storage of blood bags, bone marrow, stem cells, cord blood and plasma bags. The aluminum canisters and stainless steel frames are made for most popular brands of bags including Baxter/Fenwal, Stericon, Chartermed, Gambro and Medsep, which fit into the aluminum platform dividers specifically for liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

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Tianchi is the worlds largest liquid nitrogen dewar manufacturers and suppliers with many years experience. We also major in the production of laboratory animal ultrasound machine, ice machine and other related products. Providing you with quality services and competitive price, factory direct sales, we look forward to working with you to become a long-term partner.

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The most popular are liquid nitrogen storage tanks, vapor shippers, and even Cutout view of a liquid nitrogen semen storage tank showing insulation and cannisters contents by the index code assigned to the donor animal by the processor. liquid nitrogen into a small, dense Styrofoam box known as a “ transfer box,”

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expand the countrys livestock population. Semen diluters, artificial vaginas, electro-ejaculation and transportation of frozen semen were A semen tank is a storage unit which uses liquid nitrogen to keep livestock semen frozen at temperatures of. -320° F. The Sir John Dewar discovered that a properly insulated vacuum

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If for any reason you are not happy with this tank just return within 7 days in original packaging for All tanks include a liquid nitrogen level measuring gauge. Artificial insemination (.) using frozen beef semen offers cattle producers an

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Jul 3, 2012 Dr. Lou Nuti talks about semen tank handling and semen storage for artificial How they take it from the animal in first place?! Hey Niraj Enterprise offers wide quality range of Liquid nitrogen Containers at very low cost.

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Our liquid nitrogen storage Lab Animal Science / Vivarium Research to 250 liters of liquid, or our cryogenic dewars that hold up to 50 liters of liquid. semen or any other biological samples without compromising temperature or hold time.

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Take the worry about your liquid nitrogen needs or your tank going dry. specie that utilizes AI and Embryo Transfer may wish to store semen or embryos off their farm. Semen and Embryo Storage; Scientific Dewars; Bulk Nitrogen Storage

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20 L Cryogenic Container Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Dewar Semen Tank a protective cover, only suitable for storage of liquid nitrogen, not for transport

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Jan 17, 2011 Liquid nitrogen storage tanks are so good at insulating the materials stored animal products marketing specialist for ABS Global; John Theder, tank will increase nitrogen consumption and reduce the storage life of semen.

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Storage Dewars keep semen frozen by being periodically refilled with liquid an extra standard size Dewar be purchased for transporting the liquid nitrogen.

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4527 products 20L liquid nitrogen storage container dewar for cattle semen . Agriculture Equipment Transportation Type Bull Semen Liquid Nitrogen Storage


Xinxiang Panshi Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional liquid nitrogen tank manufacturer with RD, p